Relocating: London

I’ve been wanting to relocate to a different country for years but was afraid of new challenges. For the most part I was looking at places within Asia but recently I’ve become interested in living in the UK for the first time in my life.

I am researching visa requirements with the passport I currently hold. Cost of living and downloaded an apartment search app to give me an idea of the real estate market in London. My main focus is to save enough money that by 2018 I will be able to live for at least a year in London. I also want to develop a skill set that will make it easy for me to make money in the UK. Learning how to drive properly is top on my list, this year.

It’s time I become cultured and learn about a new culture. Living in America put me at an advantage, where I learned the English language for free. Now it’s time I go out into the world and apply all I’ve learned while living in America. 2018-2019, London.


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