I’ve been living on my own off and on since the age of 24, but I didn’t own my own apartment until roughly 10 years later. There’s something rewarding and overwhelming about having your own apartment.  
You want ro make sure all of the bills are taken care of in a timely manner. You also want to make your place feel like home. It’s taking a lot longer to get to the point. I think once I sign my lease for a second year it will start to feel more comfortable. I sent the majority of my year wanting to move into a nicer and safer neighborhood, I didn’t fully appreciate the fact that I have a spacious apartmemt for a fee I couldn’t get in NYC. 

Now that I’m a few months away from a year, I’m ready to decorate and make it feel like home. It was lucky to get the apartment.  If will be a lot harder as a freelancer to score another apartment.  My goal is to raise my credit score and have a backup job that has weekly paystubs. The real estate world is not ready ir trusting of freelancers as of yet.

I haven’t always paid my rent on time but I’m always eager to pay the late fee. I’m not behind on rent and my late fees equals extra funds for management, making me the perfect tenant.  My goal for rest of this month and March is to start making my apartment feel like home. I am discovering decor and cleaning brands I want to add into my lifestyle.

One of thos brands is Mrs. Meyers. I discovered this brand last year or the year before. I bought a multi surface spray, the scent of brasil.  It left my room smelling clean. I wanted to try the whole line in all my rooms. I got something for bathroom, kitchen and floors. If you want to depart from generic cleaning brands, I recommend you give Mrs. Meyers a shot.


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