When I think of “The Mindy Project“, I think if Bridget Jones was an American with a successful career. I remember the fact time I saw Mindy on stage. It was in New York City and she was doing a live play called”Ben and Matt”. I sat close to the front with a big afro. I was suffering from PTSD at the time but I didn’t know that yet. All I knew is I felt briefly empowered by seeing a young woman of color playing a role that not only broke gender roles but also defeated color type casting. 

I thought at the time I wanted to become a famous screenwriter, director and producer. I left the show, confused, afraid and insecure.  I saw two women up there passionate about what they wanted to do with their life enough, that they took matters into their own hands by creating this play. I was slightly jealous that I wasn’t as bold or confident to stand in front of people or even enter a competition. I suffered from a slight fear of people and being an introvert didn’t help. I didn’t understand this until years later as my issue grew worse. I was depressed.

It has now been more than 15 years later and I am still struggling to reach my full potential and fight depression. The reason why I am writing this is because we need strong female characters in our lives and media to support, encourage, mentor us and to give a voice to the ones too meek or unsure to do it. The Mindy Project portrays a confident, successful woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She’s a role model to young girls everywhere who need to hear that quitting is not an option, it only gets worse if you quit. You have to persevere through the hardship to succeed. Mindy character persists and that is how she always succeeds.

Mindy made me realise my fears as she stood on that stage as Matt Damon.  I suffered through self doubts, failures many years after that but never forgot her or that day. Now as I am gaining confidence through trails and errors. I know we need to surround ourselves with powerful women to also become powerful ourselves.  Shows like The Mindy Project on Hulu (Tuesdays), Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder and Insecure puts strong women in the forefront. That is powerful, especially with how women are being censored and pushed into the shadows in with our current government. She persist…we should all persist. Mindy persisted and created The Mindy Project. Shonda persisted and has 3 shows back to back on network Television. Issae Rae persisted a went from internet sensation to cable TV darling. 

How will I persist?…how will you persist?

The Mindy Project staff, were kind enough to send me these cute pins to celebrate a new season of their show on Hulu. Be sure to check it out on Tuesdays. You might also be able to purchase the pins on the show’s website.


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