I don’t know about you but I like getting paid daily. Since quitting a 9 to 5 and freelancing, I’ve enjoyed the option of getting paid more than once a week. I now feel annoyed when I work a job that only pays weekly. I heard about a company called daily pay when I was working for Uber. I have since deleted my Uber account this week and will no longer be working for them. As an immigrant, if you don’t stand for something; you will fall for anything.

I didn’t think much about the company until another freelancer mentioned them. I did some research  and am going to give them a shot. How it works is, they give you 90% of your paycheck  and remaining 10% on payday. It’s  an advance. Whatever company you link from pays them instead of you. They charge a fee of $1 if the amounth is $150 or below. If greater, they charge $1.50. Since nothing is free and the fee is per transaction, it will run you roughly $5 a week. If my rent is late, that’s an extra $35. I will try this service for a couple of weeks to see how effective it is to my spending and saving. 

I would prefer if there was an option where you can customize  the amount  of days you want to get paid. Instead of 5, I might want lump sums twice or three times a week. They lose money  that way but might gain more users if people are comfortable trusting a 3rd party with their finances.  I have rent coming up, I want to pay it on time. I will do an update in the middle of this month about my opinion on the company and if it’s a great idea. My goal is to eventually have different streams of income, so I would no longer need companies like this. I would have income coming different days, without missing payment on bills and entertainment. 


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