When you look up the definition of an antagonist, it’s a person who’s in opposition to a protagonist. An nemesis or enemy to a main character. Most times an antagonist is painted as insecure, mean-spirited with personality and physical flaw or disability.
They are usually unhappy with a lust or greed for money or power. How do they usually get to a position of power or riches? By blackmailing and deception. One of my favorite book series that does a great job of painting a perfectly developed portrait of an antagonist is Baroness Orzy’s “The Scarlet Pimpernel” book series. Throughout the book, the protagonist does everything humanly possible to foil and defeat the antagonist’s evil plans to murder and raise in high position within a government position. 

The aspect I find interesting  about most antagonists is they believe themselves to truly be the protagonist, which could be argued as justified except for a few details that dispels this notions. Protagonist are usually confident leaders that are selfless, admired by majority of the people even when they take certain actions that are frown upon. They are very pleasing to the eye. Sounds shallow, but it’s not an alternative fact. They are self aware and not mean spirited because  they get what they want with very little effort.  There very little need for ego, they are humble and always willing  to give credit  and share spotline.

To run a balanced  government,  a protagonist  is the most ideal candidate . When the citizen are unfortunate enough to elect an antagonist,  chaos occurs. God Bless America, in the reign of terror-2017


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