The great thing about the gig economy is that it’s employees thousands or more people at a rapid rate. Employment is up and economy is looking promising. Corporations are spending less on employee retention, benefits and healthcare. Everything is looking great from a company perspective, but how does this new system affect freelancer?

There are pros and cons to this new economy from a worker’s point of view. No longer do you have to worry about office politics or that coworker that is always trying to undermine you. You now have a fierce competition and bidding war against strangers every day and week in order to make money. You constantly have to stay on your toes because life is no longer stable. If you are a female such as myself, everyday you are competing with “alpha males” to be the fastest at the click of a button. To be the best in ratings and deliveries. 

When you are constantly meeting different people every day who work for the same two, three or four companies you either become supportive or on guard. I usually take the approach of there’s enough for all of us which is a very weak stance from an alpha male perspective, were selfishness and conquering all sits well with them. I find myself constantly sharing resources every day with the strangers I meet in hopes that if one succeed, we all succeed. 

I have high hopes for the gig economy even though it has become over saturated. My hope is we all take what we can get, then move on. By next year, I plan to be running a successful small startup and will no longer need a side hustle. Hopefully, my fellow “giggers” have the same lofty goals. This type of work is fleeting and that’s how it should be or it would require a 401(k).

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