As a beginner who does not understand how stocks work, I decided to start very conservative when it comes to investing. I choose very safe portfolio options and only started with as little as $1-$10 daily or weekly investment.

I figured, this is a small risk to take. I think of it as spending my lunch money. Yes, there’s are still places you can spend $1 on something to eat. NYC best pizzas are only a dollar. I figured with this small amount, I have nothing to lose. I plan on increasing the amount as I learn more about stocks and adding more portfolios. 

I plan on holding on to my portfolio for a few years, setting up a recurring payment and “forgetting” my accounts exist until the end of the year when I check up on them. I’m thinking within year 3-5, I will decide what actions to take. I’m not great at savings, that is why these stock app companies come in handy. They are easy to use and don’t make investing as intimidating as it sounds. The money people spend on lottery tickets everyday or wekk, so should be used to invest in yourself.

I’m not saying that there’s a guarantee that I will make a lot of money, however I have nothing to lose. I’m always spending and wasting money on companies amyway. Money is made to circulate. With exchange of goods it seems more feasible. However, I will consider stock investments as an I.O.U. I am lending a small percentage of my money in hopes of earning a large interest a few years down the road. If you want to invest in stocks, you have to be very patient.

You have to forget that you are “losing” money, intil you make money. The only downside of owning stock through an app is trying to figure out if the apps are legitimate or scams. I read about the companies I’m using on Facebook. Everything in life is a gamble. I’m always willing to take risks at least once. I make money 100% through app companies. It would only make sense that I invest my money through app companies. That is the way we are going in the future. Everything will for the most part be through digital and technology. I honesty trust an app over a broker. The fees are a lot cheaper and I’m not being told what I want to hear. I’m in control of my portfolios and the amount I invest, daily, weekly or month. 

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