I haven’t been on a plane since age 5. I remember being so nervous on the plane to America that I couldn’t eat and gave my meal to one of my siblings. I however, had my first caprisun.

Throughout, the years living in America I traveled to different States without asking questions. The first place I remember going to was Philadelphia. Then my sophomore year of H.S. I spent a miserable summer break in Texas. Came back with an Texas and tan. My favorite method of transportation was greyhound. 

It would take me 2-3 to get to my destination but for me it was an adventure. We would stop in different states as our resting point and I would discover new foods, look around to see how people were living. On an eventful trip by myself to visit the Nun I was named after in Arkansas, I was robbed by a white girl from Canada, that I befriended. I was more upset that she didn’t genuinely want my friendship, oppose to the lost of a week worth of spending money. I said to myself, that she needed the money more than I did. I was more friendly and optimistic in my teens.

I’ve stopped in many states along the way from New York City to Texas and Arkansas. The only states that I can remember resting my head  or venturing into for more than a pitstop besides New York City and New Jersey are as follows:

  • Philadelphia, Maine, Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard, Texas, Arkansas, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Upstate New York, Long Island, Connecticut.

My goal is to not only explore states that I have not explored but to get on a plane and travel outside of the country. I’m getting on the plane with a friend and heading to the Virgin Islands, March or April 2017. They are giving away spending money to visitors in 2017. I am also heading to South East Asia at the end of the year with another friend . If I work hard and save enough money, my goal is to also visit Hawaii. 

Since, I have very little experience with traveling, I’m going to leave the details to my two friends, ask questions and learn from them. There are many websites and airlines that have discount tickets. Just do a google, facebook or airlines search for cheap tickets. I’m trying to learn how to travel on a dime because I still want to have an apartment to come back to.

It is possible to travel around the world with very little funds, I never knew that and would be in awe of my peers who were constantly traveling. Now that I’m no longer ignorant to the fact, that you can travel on very little funds, I am excited to go on my very first vacation and trip outside of America.


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