For anyone who wants to become a business owner but does not have the upfront capital, know that an online business is one of the ways to make your dream a reality. It doesn’t matter if you do direct or indirect services. People still have to know who you are, what services you offer and if it’s worth it. Now customers can compare businesses at the click of a mouse, read reviews and judge within a few minutes if the company is worthy of their money.

I’m not going to talk about how you can create your own business. I however, am going to talk about how I plan on creating my own businesses. I’ve had many businesses. Most of them did not succeed because they never left my brain. I’m constantly creating businesses that people don’t know about. I’ve tried to write business plans and failed, which is surprising because in my early 20’s I wrote a proposals and grants for non for profits. One proposal to Gap secured Tshirts for a campaign. 

I cold called and wrote a proposal to the top NYC restaurants securing lunch and dinner coupons for a silent auction worth more than $500. I even received an Alicia Key’s foundation signed  poster worth $75. It’s not like I don’t have experience asking for money. I just realized it’s not my most favorite thing to do,  because I have yet learned to master the skill.

My latest business idea is a subscription company which I will go more into depth about it in the future, it’s called Ekoid Treats. The company will mostly rely on online business because there will be no need for a store front. I want to raise capital, but my company is not ready. Yes, it is possible to not be ready for outside funding. Sometimes you have to slowly grow a company before involving others.

I came up with plan B to create funds that will get my  business off the ground. Sounds easier said then done? I agree with you but at same time I beg to differ. There are many ways to make extra cash by creating an online business. Some will take a lot longer than others depending on your social and networking skills. Word of mouth is the biggest advantage for e-commerce. When people like your products and tell everyone they know.

Story time, I moved into my own apartment last year and have been struggling with how to decorate it. I knew I wanted plants everywhere. I kept seeking youtube videos and blogs on how people decorate their homes and arrange their furniture. I was fascinated by hanging plants and the sophistication they bring to a room. The question, I had to ask myself was, what can I do to create the same product that’s already out there, but put my own unique twist that will make my product stand out?

When creating a product, you will always have competition. Do your research to find people doing the same thing but add an element to seperate you from them. Give people options but also something they didn’t think they needed until you created it.

There are many companies that allow you to make money selling online like Etsy which requires that your product be handmade, Shopify is an online market place when you can buy or sell anything, and Merch by Amazon which allows you to create your own tshirts to name a few. The one you choose is up to you. Just find a niche and perfect it. I’m currently creating plant hangers, but with a twist. What will you create?


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