I would like to say, I know absolutely very little about investing and stocks. However, this year I finally decided to dive right it. I don’t like complicated projects that have very high risks. I like to dip my toe in before putting my whole foot, then eventually wading in the water and hopefully start tentatively paddling. You get the point, I am very calculating in decisions I make.

That is why I choose to try these three stock apps; StashAcorns and Clink . I’m still doing research on them and can’t write a review, let alone tell you what their mission is. I know, this blog is a let down, but it’s more to introduce you to the idea of me trying these stock app companies. Eventually, I will learn more and explain how I am using them to invest in stocks. I’m nervous, curious and excited at same time. 

Clink, doesn’t have a fee,  I’ve already started using that one. I will be  using Stash and Acorns once I’ve done more research of them. They both only charge a fee of $1 a month. That’s not bad. I’m not aware if any of the three has hidden charges. I will do my investigation and report back next month. 

Let me know your thoughts on these companies and other similar companies, like Betterment which is too advance for me at this point.

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