Buddha Belly Blues

I was never a chubby child, quite the opposite. I was more muscular than anything. My arms and calves were always on point. I was very self conscious about how defined they were.

However, one part of my body constantly gives me issues and that is my stomach. I know it has a lot to do with what I consume and my inactive exercise routine. Between 2010-2013 I would work out whenever I got the chance. I enjoyed being active but took for granted my body. My body responds well and quickly to working out, which has made me slight lazy about hitting the gym. I always push for later because I don’t want to commit to a workout schedule.

What I tend to forget is I’m not getting any younger, my metabolism is slowing down nor do I have children. Your body changes drastically when you have children. Now that I’m in my mid 30’s this is something I should take into consideration. I need to create healthy habits now that I will stick to for the rest of my life.

I won’t call it a new years resolution but more of a lifestyle change. I’m going to tackle the bloating, belly fat and figure a way to prevent it from occurring. I love tea and how it makes me feel but I don’t like hot drinks for a few reasons, including time waster. I want something I can just gulp down.

This year I’m going to plan my meals in advance, continue to drink a lot of water because it’s great for my skin as well. I would also like to drink warm tea daily. There are a few key foods I plan on cutting out of life. I haven’t been doing well so far because I’m always on the move. That is going to change starting next week, when I go shopping for produce. 

I’m posting pictures of me from 2013, to motivate me to be more conscious of what I eat and be my own body goals. People always have a body crush on celebrities who have incredible bodies. I on the other hand, just want to go back to when my stomach was flat. I want a body transformation at the end of 2017. I will achieve that by drinking teas, eating healthy and working out.


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