I used to be a proficient reader, I lived inside my head. Then I discovered people and lived inside a computer or a phone screen. One thing, I never stopped doing was reading. Whether digital books or blogs, online articles and comments in forums. I’m still an avid reader.

The difference I noticed for me personally was that one brought peace and joy while the latter for the most part cause restlessness and anger. Something about digital content can move one passionately. My attention has shorten where it’s harder for me sit in one place and digest a book. However, I can for hours spend talking or arguing with complete strangers I’ve never met or may never wish to. Why is that?

That is another blog all together, I will title it “Relationships on the interweb”. I just wanted to quickly share some books I am interested in reading for 2017. My goal is 24. However, if I can completely get through 12, I will still consider it an accomplishment. Maybe I should add less social media to my intentions. Who am I kidding? 2017, intention is to finally learn how to use social media to my benefit.


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