The year 2016 was a very interesting, exciting and challenging year for me. I was in a place in my life where I was tired and fed up with playing small in every aspect of my life. I was jumping from one job to the next without feeling like I gained any credible skills or experience. After working at a company, where I felt I knew and could manage better than the IVY League grads in charge, I quit in epic fashion worthy of a TV/ Movie scene. Think Jerry Maguire…yes, I was over it all.

I no longer was content with making others rich when I could barely afford my own apartment. I wasn’t even living paycheck to paycheck with my weekly earnings. I had been researching Tech companies that enable you to do odd jobs. One of the companies is Wonolo, which I’ve mention a few times in the past. I wasn’t sure how I could get by on just Wonolo, so I did more research, and decided to go with a company called Postmates that I’ve heard about in the past. Throughout 2016, I will be using Wonolo, Postmates, UberEats and Grubhub to make money and get by. In a future post, I will compare and rate each company. I will explain the pro and cons, you can decide which works best for you.

In this post I will discuss some of the companies I was fortunate to temp with through the Wonolo platform. 

Sanrio: Rating 3 stars

Working one day at this company as a customer service employee, my job was to greet customers. I decided to take it further but up selling products, which no one cared or noticed because I wasn’t a full time employee, just an overachieving freelancer. It was cold on the day when I worked, so I kept busy by moving around the store and engaging with the customers. It wasn’t a rewarding job for me because there wasn’t room to grow. I knew it wouldn’t be a company I would want to work for. Everything was over priced.

Shyp: Rating 3 stars

This was also a one day job that I didn’t find remarkable. The premise of the company is to ship items for customers all over the world. I assume like UPS which they were partnered with and competitors DHL. I was confused why this company existed and a little freaked out by how customer items were being handled. I didn’t feel there was enough security on how items were managed. We had to decide what we thought were suitable to ship and leave things out that we were unsure about.

 Customers were therefore getting some package, without everything in tact. I guess that’s the price you pay when you let other people pack and ship your belongings. I still don’t understand why we couldn’t pack everything that came in the bags, let customs worry about what’s legal or not.

Marley Spoon: Rating 5 stars

I loved this company for two reasons. It dealt with food, my first love and organization. Something I struggle with but am fascinated by. The position required me to pick, package and pack food boxes to be shipped to subscribers. It was pretty straight forward. The pay was good and thw manager was very generous with giving bonus. That is good business. We were also allowed to take extra ingredients home, which was a great perk. As much as I loved the company, I wasn’t interested in a permanent position. I just got out of a 9 to 5 and was feeling jaded about the corporate world. 

JackThreads: Rating 5 stars

I worked with this company the longer and most because of the pay, I love fashion and I enjoyed how stress free it was. There was no micromanaging. You did you work and went home. It required that I travel from New Jersey to Brooklyn, NY 5 days a week and I did it without complaining. I was disappointed when the job was over, for the first time since entering the work world. It was easy money and gave room for you to make more. I should have be smarter and worked longer hours, to save up money. You don’t think of these things until it’s too late.

Baublebar: Rating 3 stars

I would have given this company a 4, if it wasn’t for the . micromanaging supervisor. How does a person micromange folding boxes? I felt overworked and under appreciated the first day and vowed to not come back after the week was done. I don’t recall talking a break during my time working there. I don’t recall being happy while working there. I will like to point out that everyone might have a different experience. I was working in general labor or factory position.

Coca Cola Auditing: Rating 3 stars

This partnership required me to commute between different stores that sold coco cola products and audit them. I felt like a big timer, I tried my best to give detail evaluation. I wish I had taken more of this kind of job to get more experience. There was a lot of walking which I usually love. I didn’t love it while doing this job.

 Mercedes Distribution Center: Rating 5 stars

This was the first job, I did at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I was working through the distributor for Jack Threads, which I mentioned earlier. However, Mercedes Distribution works with different companies other than Jack Threads. A couple of other companies that they work with are GOOP and Tipsy Elves. I don’t know how they go about finding workers other than through platforms like Wonolo. They also have permanent staffing. 

Graze: Rating 3 stars

This was my last freelance job of 2016 and I’m annoyed I didn’t go out with a bang. The location is in NJ, but I had to take a lyft which costed me $14. I’m not a happy camper. I was scheduled to work for two days only yo find out that they are closed on weekends. Someone posted incorrect information, bad organization ans management. 

I was then told that on Fridays, the day that I was there was a half a day. Why is this important? Because it meant, I would not get paid the full amount I was deceitfully promised. Why was this very important fact not mentioned in the description? This is the first time, a company did not post the amount written in their description, they used the argument of hourly pay as their reason. Still left a nasty taste in my mouth. 

I would subscribe to Graze, I would order their products because the short time I was there, I was impressed and curious to try. To become a worker, not a chance. It’s too far and I lost more money than made, as far as I’m concerned it was a waste of my time. The last information that ticked me off is there are no employee perks are benefits. Are you kidding me Graze? You can’t even let your employees take home a box a week? Even a month? 

Premium Retail Services: Rating 5 stars

This job was mind numbingly boring. However, the only reason I gave it 5 stars instead of 3-4 is because of the pay. I was working weekly mornings or night at different Duane Reade locations, stocking and organizing products. I fell asleep while writing this review. Next!

Material World: Rating 5 stars

This was my favorite freelance job of 2016, I wanted to give it 4 stars because of the low pay but they had snacks. Come on…free snacks. Sure, I heard in the past, they had free food as well but beggers can’t be choosers. They gave you two breaks. I liked the owner, but I wasn’t willing to travel every day to Brooklyn for the amount of money they were paying. Even when the owner asked mw personally to come back. I really did enjoy the job but you know what I enjoy more? Having a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes on my back.

Don’t let me fool you. Working freelance in 2016 was not easy. I did not make a lot of money. However, I did make enough money to barely make rent, which is a start. Did I mention that I was able to get my own apartment because of freelance? The goal is to keep this apartment in 2017 and upgrade to a better apartment and more money in 2018. Every year should be progressive.


We can’t talk about the good without the bad. 


 I still don’t understand have this is a company and not a man operating out of his house. He did offer to pay well, in exchange for your soul. I kid, I kid but a 10-14 hour shift is not my idea of a good time. I had to bail on this deal. Oh yeah, I had to also tie ribbons to a stick or something. Goodness Gracious.

STADIUM: Rating 1 stars

They took advantage. Even if you worked more than the hour listed in the description they didn’t adjust the pay. I guess they figured it was your problem for not working faster. I just think they knew what they were doing and that is getting over. I wish Graze would learn about stagnant pay from them. Pay what you say you will pay, no matter the hours…wait, that could be a bad thing.

BT CAPITAL: 0 f*@% stars

This “company” run by an Alex Bertram will get it’s own blog post in the future. He is in fact a crafty scammer. This adventure includes a trip to B&H to buy an Ipad and ended with a request for me to buy him bitcoins?

I hope this blog was very useful if you are thinking about becoming a freelancer. There are many ways to make money without a 9 to 5 job. I’ve only been doing it for a year. My goal will be to try and perfect it in 2017 as I work on creating my own start up company. Please leave a message, subscribe to my blog and even share of social media with friends and peers if you found it useful. 

If you have questions, I will try my best to be of assistance. HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2017 bring us all success and passion in every aspect. 

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