It’s been a while since I’ve documented my quest to live life fearlessly. It’s been a challenged because I grew up in a fearful environment.

Last time, I mentioned that I quit the 9-5 work life and am currently living the life of a freelancer or some might say grinding and hustling. I’ve settled into a semi routine with the delivery company Postmates. Contracting for this company has reaped many rewards financial in a short timeframe.


I’m finally making enough, to cross off a 2016 goal off my list. I’m moving into my own apartment this month. No more rommates situation. I’m feeling a small sense of satisfaction that I made the right decision in working for myself.


Renting in New York City can become extremely expensive. I made the move to New Jersey last year and I haven’t regretted the decision. I know I wouldn’t be in this position if I stayed in New York City. Sometimes you have to have faith and take that leap.

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