When leaving the 9 to 5 professional realm, you have to be strategic about how you plan to go about making money to sustain yourself. The last odd job post, I spoke about a great Company called Wonolo.

I’m now going to speak about another great company called Postmates. Postmates is a delivery service that allows customers to order food and have it delivered for a low to no delivery charge depending on the promotion.

My job as a courier for postmates, requires that I pick up orders and deliver them to the customers in the best possibly conditions, and in a timely fashion. Sometimes situations raise up where you have to contact customers or customer service letting them know that you are running late or unable to fullfill orders.


For the most part, postmates is pretty straight forward. If you have great customer service it’s a plus. The main objective is to make the customers happy. Every customer is different but when it comes to postmates, they all want the same thing. Great service.

What makes postmates different from Wonolo is that you are doing direct service oppose to indirect service. Working at a warehouse for a Wonolo client is different then meeting different customers face to face and getting immediate feedback through a rating system.

If you are over the 9 to 5 professional world, I personally recommend trying Postmates and Wonolo. The great thing about working as an independent contractor is, you can work for as many companies as you choose.



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