Fearlessly Working


Since quitting my job, I’ve had the opportunity to find interesting ways of making an income. In the past I wrote about a company called Wonolo that I’m work with to bring in extra income. I still love working for Wonolo but realize that I’m going to need more than one way of supplementing my income to live comfortably.

I decided to become a courier by joining a company called Postmates. Postmates is another job app that allows you to make money doing odd jobs. I will review it by next month. I’ve been able to make enough money in less than two weeks to realize that I can be content doing this type of job. I’ve finally found something that suits my personality.


However, I need to find a balance between this new vocation without losing sight of my goal to start my own company. I need to figure out the amount of money and time I would be willing to give to working. I want to avoid the rat race of working myself to death in the name of money.

I have to go back to the drawing board and separate my wants from needs. To be able to narrow down my desires and goal. What do I want be as a grown-up? Who am I currently and striving to become?



Am I happy with what I’ve accomplished? What steps will I need to take to be who I want to be. WHO DO I WANT TO BE?

Live Life Fearlessly


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