I let go of fear, after making excuses why I should wait. Why I should save more money. Why it’s not the right time. I quit my job. I was just tired of the negative energy, the negative people. I was done with the pettiness on all our parts. I didn’t want to scoop down to other’s leave.

With a “you should shut the fuck up!” to a co-worker, I quit. I just need the push, that excuse and final steps. After months of burning my arms on hot hybrid oven microwaves. After months of mismanagement. After months of bullying and gossip…I quit.

I feel free. No more scars on my body. No more ratchet co-workers. No more under pay and over worked. Now I can focus on setting my own hours. Setting amount I choose to make by how hard I hustle.

I will be making more than I currently make at the former job…this I can guarantee. I’m ready to become successful. No more sleeping past noon everyday. I will only work 4 days a week. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday-Friday will be focused on creating a business.


Live Life Fearlessly

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